Release Notes v1.11
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Release Notes v1.11

by Marianne Chan on May 24, 2017

We’re constantly working to make Streamframe better for you. Here is what’s new:


  • Chat Emojis –  Streamframe has updated its chat to now support emojis 😯 . You can now easily express yourself when you are happy 🙂 , sad 😥 , angry 👿  or experiencing just about any other emotions to anyone through quick chat and full view messages. 😉 Be expressive and enjoy chatting away!  😎 



  • Notifications – This only applies for client approvals. When a project manager requests a tag in the deliverable, clients who are following will now receive a specific notification on that request. When a client approves the specific tag, project managers will get notified of the approval.



  • Non-posted and unsaved prompts –We have created prompts that recognise when you have not successfully uploaded comments or saved descriptions. Now, the system will give you a friendly reminder when trying to navigate from the page without uploading or saving.



  • Project Editor –  Ever wondered how annoying to see the message prompts after saving? We have fixed the annoying issues with the message prompt when making changes within the Project Editor. The system will now update all saved changes and will only prompt you if you have not saved your recent changes.



  • Wow!!! – Were you ever curious who “Wowed” your post or comments? We have added the option where you can now view all the users that have wowed your posts.