Release Notes v1.12
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Release Notes v1.12

by Marianne Chan on 六月 12, 2017

We’re constantly working to make Streamframe better for you. Here is what’s new:


  • Task Progress Tracking –  Seeing the progress of your task is much easier than ever with the new progress tracking in Task Detail View. With the enhanced task details, you can view the due date, planned hours and remaining hours in a quick glance. You can also easily tell when your task is overdue or exceeding the planned hours.

Hint: To adjust the short-date format, you can adjust it by going to Update Account ‘Region & Language’.



  • Task Ideal Start Date –  Don’t worry about being late in starting a task anymore, as the system now will calculate the ideal (the latest) date that you should start working on a task based on the due date and the planned hours.



  • Client Approval Review Box – This only applies for client approvals. Clients are now able to review the work and choose either to reject or approve it. Giving a review will also be easier as the work submission is displayed above the review box.



  • Deliverables Approval Tab – This only applies for client approvals. Do you ever get tired of listing and updating the different work types or status for every deliverable? We have created an additional tab in the Deliverables where Project Managers can view all the summary of work types and statuses that are pending, submitted, approved and rejected by the clients.

    Hint: Clicking on the tags in the ‘Approvals’ will navigate you to the related comment.


  • Drag & Drop Upload –Adding a file is simple but it can be tedious when you want to upload more files. Streamframe has made it easier for you to get more done with your files. When you upload a file, you can simply just drag and drop your files into your comment, quick chat and message inbox.




  • Closing Modal – Had enough of pressing ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard or clicking on the X to close the modal? We have configured the modal and you can now simply click anywhere outside the modal to close all the modals in your view.



  • Follow Button – With the enhanced view, users with client access can now see the list of clients following an object, and vice versa.